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Cybercrime Research Lab

Cybercrime Lab Team and Computing Building

The Cybercrime Research Lab at Macquarie University (CRL@mq) was established in February 2007 by Macquarie University with financial assistance and support from National Australia Bank to conduct research into cybercrime and methods for the prevention and mitigation of cybercrime. Galaxy research have estimated the total Australian losses to online identity theft (one form of cybercrime) in the 12 months to July 2010 was AUD$1.286 Billion.  In 2010 US President Obama in a speech estimated the annual cost of global cybercrime was over USD$1 Trillion. Cybercrime is a significant and growing threat and an important area for applied research.

CRL@mq's particular research focuses on:

a. Financially motivated cybercrime attacks upon financial institutions (e.g. Phishing, Banking Trojans)

b. Cybercrime where the system or network is a tool of criminal activity (e.g., spamming, DDoS)

c. Cybercrime where a system is the target of criminal activity (e.g., unauthorized access, data theft)

d. Traditional crimes facilitated using computers and networks (e.g., child pornography/exploitation, fraud)

CRL@mq within Macquarie University is hosted by the Centre for Advanced Computing - Algorithms and Cryptography (ACAC).  The Research Director is Professor Josef Pieprzyk of the Department of Computing (also Director of ACAC) and the Academic Director is Dr Stephen McCombie of the Centre for Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism and CSC.  In addition we have a broader interdisciplinary team from various academic areas and industry.